ICOCDR is a community-driven directory of live, upcoming and ended ICOs.

According to a report prepared by Satis Group Crypto Research, around 81% of the total number of initial coin offerings launched since 2017 have turned out to be scams. In dollar terms, however, only 11% of the approximately US$12 billion that has been raised in these projects went to these fraudulent ICOs.

ICOCDR is the solution for a quality and legit projects.

ICOCDR is a group of 20 experienced community members, who are experts in all fields related to ICOs market. Moreover, ICOCDR provides the opportunity for the community to create they own ranking of every single project. As a result, every ICO will receive two independent rankings: one from experts and second from the community. No more affiliate bought or low ratings from experts who sell their scores. However, you will have to comply with our policy, to avoid scams.

ICOCDR experts are the real team members of several ICOs from the fields of technology, marketing, and finance. Our reviews are honest and based on actual project details. We have experience in ICO market, so we exactly know what is the key for the project success. The expert review will appear after a maximum of 48 hours from publication. The situation is different with community-driven reviews which are dynamic and based on every single response from the community member. However, we created our algorithm which is the guard of the quality of responses, which are moderated. The script will reject all the reactions which are far high or low from the average. That’s the way you can be sure, that your project will receive only quality and honest scores.

The main reason we created ICO Community-Driven Reviews, is the way listings sites work today. All members of our team have experience in ICO market. As a result, we faced multiple manipulations from the most popular listing web pages.

  1. Overpriced promotional packages which are extremely expensive. Most popular pages offer 30 days premium listing for several BTC which is the most costly traffic in the world. ICOCDR offers premium listing but in reasonable price and your advantage is that your project is on the top of the list.
  2. “Free” ICO listing is a total lie. They do offer free listing, but you will have to wait for months to get listed, and your ICO sale will be probably over.

ICOCDR offers free listing but under following conditions:

  •  ICO has a registered company.
  •  ICO has minimum viable product.
  • All team members have active and valid LinkedIn profiles.
  • Your ICO has at least one recognized advisors, who has experience in other ICO.
  • We will do KYC for at least two team members by a trusted provider.

ICOs which will fail three of that conditions will be rejected from listing

     3. No one is checking ICO Expert application.

What makes ICOCDR different is that Experts are ONLY per invite.

    4. False ratings by listing sites. The classification depends on your budget. If you pay for Premium, you can count on the high score. Please check yourself 🙂

    5. False ratings by Experts. While accepting payment for evaluation is   forbidden according to the terms, we (as some members of ICOs) received multiple offers for score improvement.

    6. Trading with ratings are widespread; the first step is: “experts” give very low scores and after that, they ask you (using LinkedIn, Telegram or Twitter) to pay them to increase the rating. We noticed they are connected into groups, and the usual price for “improvements” starting from several thousands USD.

ICOCDR offers a transparent and honest solution based on our Experts reviews with strong community support. We want work with everyone who contributes legit and accurate ICO which will bring benefits for the community and the future of the blockchain technology.

A full explanation of our rating criteria you can find under bellow link: