icoCDR ICOs Advisors Directory

Marcus HadfieldAdvisor in: Bidooh
Advisor in: Bidooh Marcus was a Managing Partner at McCann Worldgroup. He has eighteen years experience in advertising and marketing agencies, with clients including Expedia, Costa Coffee, American Airlines, Aldi, World Vision and Argos.
Leigh FloundersAdvisor in: Raintoken
Advisor in: Raintoken

Skilled in Business Strategy, Analysis and Management, Leigh has worked at an executive level with innovative global technology brands such as Baidu, Alipay, WeChat and JDPay. He has a deep knowledge of the Blockchain, as seen in his advisor roles for Lina.Review and Smart Links Swiss.

Arindam MitraAdvisor in: Lynked
Advisor in: Lynked
Kristian GarancisAdvisor in: Black Insurance
Kristian has over 20 years of experience in Non-Life Reinsurance and Insurance as well as Captive Insurance. He is also very familiar with Maltese legal and insurance structure being also the resident of Malta himself. Kristian advises us on insurance and re-insurance related topics as well as helps with licensing our insurance company in Malta. He has also many connections with brokers who are interested to use Black capacity when we go live.
Toshendra SharmaAdvisor in: Javvy
Advisor in: Javvy
Jillian GodsilAdvisor in: Hubrisone
Advisor in: Hubrisone
Named as one of the 50 Most Influential Women In Blockchain, Jillian is a lead reporter in the Crypto space where she has written exclusive interviews with some of the most powerful people in the crypto world.
Axel Paul DiegelmannAdvisor in: Kinesis
Advisor in: Kinesis Managing Director Trisuna-Lagerhaus AG, Triesen, Liechtenstein. He is an investor in precious metals and agriculture for more than 20 years and serving as a board member in various companies since 1994. In 2012 Axel Diegelmann co-founded the LPM Group (Liechtenstein Precious Metals Group) consisting of four different companies: Rheingold-Edelmetall AG as the leading precious metals trading company in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Trisuna-Lagerhaus AG providing a high security facility for storing precious metals, art and other valuable items (safety-deposit-boxes, safes and vault rooms). As a logistics provider the company is integrated in all the important worldwide storage facilities. OZL Offenes Zolllager in Liechtenstein AG, offering bonded and non-bonded warehouse solutions for private, institutional and banking clients (allocated and segregated storage). Since 2017 the LPM Group develops in cooperation with ABX (Allocated Bullion Exchange) precious metals exchange, technology, blockchain, vaulting and mobile banking solutions.
Randall Lee PieresAdvisor in: Javvy
Advisor in: Javvy
Francesco Nazari FusettiAdvisor in: Fidelity House
Advisor in: Fidelity House
Serial digital entrepreneur. CEO and co-founder of CharityStars (3 million euros collected from VC) he created an ICO reaching Hard Cap with 14,333 Eth collected for AidCoin which he founded. Previously founder of ScuolaZoo, the largest Italian student community (70 employees, 15 million dollars of annual turnover). NetWorker, a tireless traveler and crypto investor from 2013.
Bob LuAdvisor in: Raintoken
Advisor in: Raintoken

+18 years experience in start-ups, software engineering, product management and go-to-market across UK, China, Brazil, and Australia. He is a China Internet specialist and knowledgeable Blockchain technology enthusiast and advisor.

Md.Mofassair HossainAdvisor in: Thefund
Advisor in: Thefund He is one of the top PR and Marketing Advisor at ICO Bench and top 30 in the people's of blockchain list. CEO and Founder of Perhalic. In the profession, he is Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) also Investor and Advisor of 16+ ICOs in Blockchain industry. Also, he is the member of Israeli and Malta blockchain association And Global Blockchain Advisory Professionals. Working as an Ambassador of Humaniq and IMMO HIGH 101-300 top influencer in the world. His expert area is making successful ICO marketing and social media planning, strategies, budget allocation, bring partners launching bounty and airdrops also helps the team in building their empire.
Prof. Dr. Hans Hermann DirksenAdvisor in: Medicohealth
Legal Advisor Liebenstein law - Law Firm for Commercial Law & Medical Law, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Frankfurt Main.
Marina GrignolioAdvisor in: Regerdiamond
Advisor in: Regerdiamond
CEO – BIAMOR srl (Valenza, Italy). Designer and manufacturer of jewelry. Long-term partner and associate. She develops jewelry design by sketches and controls the production of jewelry models and collections.
Pablo LopezAdvisor in: Cryptobuyer
Advisor in: Cryptobuyer  
Lorenzo GiombiniAdvisor in: HetaChain
Advisor in: HetaChain
Market research operator in the fields of telecommunication, real estate, automotive and other public activities.
Bernhard ElkuchAdvisor in: Aerum
Advisor in: Aerum Bernhard started programing DOS based code at the age of 12. He had always a deep interest in technology, marketing, communications and sales. He took over several business development positions in his career up to top management level. He started gaining interest in Blockchain at the beginning of 2016 by being part of CoreLedger and Founder of CRYPTOMEDIA, a Blockchain and ICO Marketing Agency based in Liechtenstein. Bernhards main interest is in projects and ICOs with clear industry and blockchain relation rather than just crypto trading. He is Co-Organizer of several Meetups and Crypto/Blockchain Events, as well as Advisor to several projects.
Sajid BhattAdvisor in: Thefund
Advisor in: Thefund Assistant Manager at PwC Internal Audits Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Primary focus on: Conduct Risk Assessments. - Execute Risk Based Financial and Operational Audits of All Group companies & shared Services. - Preparing Audit Plan, Testing controls and identifying Gaps. - Providing recommendations. - Preparing Internal Audit Reports. - Assist Managers in conducting special Investigation Audits.
Massimo CovaAdvisor in: Regerdiamond
Advisor in: Regerdiamond
CEO – ALBERTI GIOIELLI srl (Valenza, Italy). Jewelry manufacturer. Long-term partner and associate. He produces jewelry models and collections after his developed designs.
Jon NEVERDIE JacobsAdvisor in: Xaya
Neverdie: Inside Entropia Universe he created the iconic avatar NEVERDIE and he became the first gamer to make a million dollars inside a Virtual World. Jon’s Club NEVERDIE made the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records as the most valuable virtual item. Jon founded NEVERDIE Studios and has worked with Michael Jackson, Lemmy and Universal Studios bringing KING KONG, ZOMBIE KONG and The THING to Virtual Reality. NEVERDIE Studios developed and operates the ROCKtropia Virtual World, the first and only MMORPG to fully disrupt all existing gaming business models by providing real gamified jobs that pay any user $10 per month to play. In 2016 Jon was elected the first President of Virtual Reality with a mission to create a billion jobs in VR. In 2017 Jon launched the NEVERDIE Coin and the Teleporter Token on the Ethereum Blockchain to facilitate virtual world democracy and finance development of cross platform blockchain games and DApps including AmeVRica and Payatar to drive the growth of a decentralized trillion dollar virtual goods economy.
Stuart OdenAdvisor in: ONe Network
Advisor in: ONe Network
Stuart is an expert in non-traditional PR and content marketing. A self-starter with a keen entrepreneurial mindset, Stuart has handled all aspects of customer acquisition and relationship building for a number of high profile brands and clients. He has handled influencer outreach and public relations for a number of startups.