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01may(may 1)00:0031mar(mar 31)23:59SaTTThe Future of Advertising TransactionTill the ICO close

20aug(aug 20)00:0028feb(feb 28)23:59PlatioAn Innovative Solution for The Crypto World’s ChallengesTill the ICO close

01sep(sep 1)00:0028feb(feb 28)23:59PrimaryPrimary on EOS PlatformTill the ICO close

10sep(sep 10)00:0017mar(mar 17)23:59KinesisAn Evolution of the Gold StandardTill the ICO close

28sep(sep 28)00:0031mar(mar 31)23:59VaranidaFair & Transparent Digital EcosystemTill the ICO close

05nov(nov 5)00:0028apr(apr 28)23:59Thefund.ioInvesting Traditions in TechnologiesTill the ICO close

01dec(dec 1)00:0028feb(feb 28)23:59JavvyAn All-in-One Crypto ExperienceTill the ICO close

14dec(dec 14)00:0013apr(apr 13)23:59Fidelity HouseWhere Your Contents Become TokensTill the ICO close

01jan(jan 1)00:0028feb(feb 28)23:59LucreAlgorithmic Trading Platform for CryptocurrenciesTill the ICO close

01jan(jan 1)00:0031may(may 31)23:59HubrisOneCrypto-friendly, smart regulated bank accountTill the ICO close

14jan(jan 14)00:0028feb(feb 28)23:59SomesingKaraoke App MarketTill the ICO close

20jan00:0020feb23:59CryptobuyerA Fully Working Crypto EcosystemTill the ICO close

21jan(jan 21)00:0024feb(feb 24)23:59Dataeum - PREICOData RevolutionTill the ICO close

28jan(jan 28)00:0029mar(mar 29)23:59TrifficPutting Blockchain on the MapTill the ICO close

01feb00:0001mar23:59Quizando - PREICORevolutionize the Influencer WorldTill the ICO close