Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a way for developers to raise development funds. Multiple ICOs have been raised hundreds of millions of dollars for blockchain-related projects, often with very limited information about their goals, team, and roadmap. Investing in ICOs involves high-risk because of the complete absence of regulations. Most of ICOs do not have a proven business model and in most cases, not even a ready product. They are not restricted by geographical borders so if the issuer is a scammer; there is very little chance that an investor can retrieve invested funds.

ICOCDR is a group of 20 experienced community members, who are experts in all fields related to ICOs market. Every ICO, which would like to be listed, needs to comply with at least three on following conditions:

ICO has a registered company.

ICO has minimum viable product.

All team members have active and valid LinkedIn profiles.

Your ICO has at least one recognized advisor, who has experience in other ICO.

We will do KYC for at least two team members by a trusted provider.

Additionally, we created a point-based system for the ICOs listed on ICOCDR. To search for legit projects which are worthy of investment, we recommend the following scale in points:

8 - 10 points

tokens with high potential

6.1 - 7.9 points

tokens potential is above average

4 - 6 points

tokens potential is below average

0 - 3.9 points

token with a low potential

We measure bellow criteria from 0 to 10 points:

Code / Prototype / MVP

We consider MVP is essential to test ideas in the real market. It benefits are directed to all subjects involved: the team who will receive feedback and investors who will receive more confidence in the actual project implementation. A good MCP should prove some of the solutions outlined in the concept.


We will evaluate the team’s experience and reputation, as well as the relationship with advisors. The team is considered to be the most important factor in ICO evaluation, that’s why two questions have to be answered: Do the team members exist? Are they qualified enough to reach the project goals? The analysis will be carried out taking into account the complexity of a concept. The more complex the task, the more experienced the team should be.

Concept / Vision

All the information about the project, so the following elements will be evaluated: • Roadmap • Whitepaper • Market • The timeframe for the project production and implementation


We will evaluate that criterion based on: • Token economic model • Sale procedure • How token will be applied to ecosystem • Token distribution


We will check the activity on social media, messengers, dedicated forums and mass media.

Advisory Board

In most cases, advisors are just get paid for being shown on the project page. That’s all. Normally they don’t take any part in the project; their assistance is limited by permissions to use their photo on the project page. Moreover, there is a growing number of fake advisors who falsify their experience to sell it to ICO projects. We will carefully check the background of every advisor and the connection to the core team.