Alex Shepherd

Triffic: CTO

Linux administration since 2007; product development since 2008; DevOps since 2014; years of experience in Python, PHP and other web development/scripting languages including but not limited to BASH and HTML/CSS/JS. Experience in Linux server management since 2008, mainly Slackware, Debian and RHEL based distributions.

– Cloud infrastructure design, provisioning, management, automation and monitoring
– Linux & cloud architecture configuration management using Puppet and Ansible
– Python/PHP/MySQL Web development (specialisation in RESTful API development)
– Software development & deployment automation using Docker & Jenkins
– In depth, production knowledge of AWS products
– Rackspace virtualisation technologies
– Hosted/Cloud CI/CD
– RHEL & Debian based Linux distributions & packaging systems
– Linux distribution development, package management and server administration
– Website development and deployment