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02may(may 2)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59FeaturedViValidEvery Item Has a StoryTill the ICO close

01sep(sep 1)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59FeaturedGigTricksAn Integrated 360° Freelance & On-Damand EcosystemTill the ICO close

24oct(oct 24)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59FeaturedCotraderThe Uber of Hedge Funds, Live on the ETH MainnetTill the ICO close

05nov(nov 5)00:0030dec(dec 30)23:59FeaturedIDACInternational Disability Chain IDACTill the ICO close

01jan(jan 1)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59BulleonJoin the cryptocurrency revolutionTill the ICO close

01may(may 1)00:0031mar(mar 31)23:59SaTTThe Future of Advertising TransactionTill the ICO close

29may(may 29)00:0014dec(dec 14)23:59Fan360 - PREICOOne COmmunity All Stars All FansTill the ICO close

23jul(jul 23)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59TachainThe Future of Travelling and AdvertisingTill the ICO close

30jul(jul 30)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59PhoneumMobile - Only CryptocurrencyTill the ICO close

01aug(aug 1)00:0015jan(jan 15)23:59MoolyacoinCoin for the Global Digital Startup EcosystemTill the ICO close

18aug00:0018dec23:59BQTSocial P2P Crypto Exchange and Hedge Trading PlatformTill the ICO close

20aug(aug 20)00:0028feb(feb 28)23:59PlatioAn Innovative Solution for The Crypto World’s ChallengesTill the ICO close

22aug00:0022dec23:59PapushaRocket TechnologyTill the ICO close

01sep(sep 1)00:0028feb(feb 28)23:59PrimaryPrimary on EOS PlatformTill the ICO close

02sep(sep 2)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59Era Swap TokenBrings You a Time Trading Social CommunityTill the ICO close

03sep(sep 3)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59Reger DiamondThe First ICO Secured by DiamondsTill the ICO close

04sep(sep 4)00:0031jan(jan 31)23:59Metabase NetworkA Scalable Blockchain For Building DappsTill the ICO close

10sep00:0031jan(jan 31)23:59DatablockchainMerging Big Data, AI And BlockchainTill the ICO close

10sep00:0017mar(mar 17)23:59KinesisAn Evolution of the Gold StandardTill the ICO close

22sep00:0022dec23:59WPPGreen Energy TokenTill the ICO close

25sep(sep 25)00:0026dec(dec 26)23:59Romad Endpoint DefenseThe Next-Generation AntivirusTill the ICO close

25sep(sep 25)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59FlipNpikCollaborative Social MediaTill the ICO close

27sep(sep 27)00:0012dec(dec 12)23:59SecurixNext Generation of MiningTill the ICO close

28sep(sep 28)00:0031mar(mar 31)23:59VaranidaFair & Transparent Digital EcosystemTill the ICO close

01oct(oct 1)00:0025jan(jan 25)23:59BittraceDecentralised Payment Network ServicesTill the ICO close

01oct(oct 1)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59ZazaDecentralized B2B ConnectionsTill the ICO close

01oct(oct 1)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59UnitalentJoin The Movement, Own Your WorkTill the ICO close

01oct(oct 1)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59Õpet FoundationMeet Õpet, Revise, Record, RecommendTill the ICO close

01oct(oct 1)00:0025jan(jan 25)23:59VertexThe Worlds First ICO AftermarketTill the ICO close

01oct(oct 1)00:0025dec(dec 25)23:59OfferzoneThe World’s First buy Decentralized P2P Bidding PlatformTill the ICO close

01oct(oct 1)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59NeuromachineExpert and Analytical PlatformTill the ICO close

08oct(oct 8)00:0026dec(dec 26)23:59CindxWin on Winners. AutomaticallyTill the ICO close

15oct(oct 15)00:0017dec(dec 17)23:59AgentMileRevolutionizing Commercial Real EstateTill the ICO close

15oct(oct 15)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59Lucre - PREICOAlgorithmic Trading Platform for CryptocurrenciesTill the ICO close

15oct00:0015dec23:59AcesoUser To User Cyber Threat IntelligenceTill the ICO close

15oct(oct 15)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59Aerum - PREICONextgen Blockchain for AppsTill the ICO close

15oct00:0015dec23:59V-IDBlockchain Powered ValidationTill the ICO close

15oct(oct 15)00:0014jan(jan 14)23:59ExcolonyYour Pleasure is Our InnovationTill the ICO close

17oct(oct 17)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59Remiit - PREICOBlockchain Powered Remittance and PaymentTill the ICO close

20oct(oct 20)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59MonoretoA Social Network With Monetization Of LikesTill the ICO close

25oct(oct 25)00:0012dec(dec 12)23:59GemeraCrtypo-Token Backed by Colombian EmeraldsTill the ICO close

29oct(oct 29)00:0011feb(feb 11)23:59UhiveA New Era of Social NetworkingTill the ICO close

31oct(oct 31)00:0026dec(dec 26)23:59BidoohDecentralizing Digital BillboardsTill the ICO close

01nov(nov 1)00:0030jan(jan 30)23:59HetaChainA Trendy Third Generation Blockchain PlatformTill the ICO close

01nov(nov 1)00:0021dec(dec 21)23:59Crypto-ONSynergy of Different Business on One Single PlatformTill the ICO close

01nov(nov 1)00:0015dec(dec 15)23:59AutoBayEcommerce PlatformTill the ICO close

05nov(nov 5)00:0028apr(apr 28)23:59Thefund.ioInvesting Traditions in TechnologiesTill the ICO close

05nov(nov 5)00:0001feb(feb 1)23:59Volentix - PREICODigital Assets EcosystemTill the ICO close

05nov(nov 5)00:0014dec(dec 14)23:59ArtProThe Art of BlockchainTill the ICO close

07nov(nov 7)00:0025jan(jan 25)23:59DesicoWelcome to the World of Security TokensTill the ICO close

11nov(nov 11)00:0012dec(dec 12)23:59HighVibe.NetworkAwakening Human PotentialTill the ICO close

14nov(nov 14)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59Utile NetworkBringing It All Together for Asset ManagementTill the ICO close

15nov(nov 15)00:0019jan(jan 19)23:59Lynked.WorldLynking World Through BlockchainTill the ICO close

15nov(nov 15)00:0014dec(dec 14)23:59Virtual RehabPsychological RehabilitationTill the ICO close

15nov00:0015dec23:59GreentokenThe largest Mining FarmTill the ICO close

15nov10janWinnestEconomy and Digital TechnologiesTill the ICO close

16nov(nov 16)00:0015dec(dec 15)23:59TillBillyBlockchain for Mass Adoption in Retail PaymentsTill the ICO close

18nov(nov 18)00:0028dec(dec 28)23:59Adab SolutionsFirst Islamic Crypto ExchangeTill the ICO close

20nov00:0020dec23:59Cryptobuyer - PREICOA Fully Working Crypto EcosystemTill the ICO close

21nov(nov 21)00:0031dec(dec 31)23:59FinancexThe Next Generation ExchangeTill the ICO close

22nov(nov 22)00:0028dec(dec 28)23:59Crypto Circle eXchange - PREICOCrypto Exchange on the BlockchainTill the ICO close

26nov00:0026jan23:59InnovaMinex1 Blockchain of Precious Metals MinesTill the ICO close

26nov(nov 26)00:0015feb(feb 15)23:59What's On Pic - PREICOMakes a Shop from Every Single PhotoTill the ICO close

27nov(nov 27)00:0022jan(jan 22)23:59ONe NetworkONe Social Network. Bringing it all TogetherTill the ICO close

01dec(dec 1)00:0028feb(feb 28)23:59JavvyAn All-in-One Crypto ExperienceTill the ICO close

01dec(dec 1)00:0031(dec 31)23:59StackticalAutomatic Downtime CompensationTill the ICO close

01dec(dec 1)00:0031jan(jan 31)23:59MobuThe Future Of Security TokensTill the ICO close

01dec(dec 1)00:0015jan(jan 15)23:59EndChain - PREICOLogistical Solution For all MarketsTill the ICO close

01dec(dec 1)00:0021(dec 21)23:59MambocoinA Currency that Erases Boundaries of E-CommerceTill the ICO close

03dec(dec 3)00:0031(dec 31)23:59UnboxedCommunity Verified Influencer MarketingTill the ICO close

03dec(dec 3)00:0017(dec 17)23:59Triffic - PREICOPutting Blockchain on the MapTill the ICO close

10dec00:0011feb(feb 11)23:59InflrThe Evolution of Influencer MarketingTill the ICO close

12dec00:0012jan23:59Selfie GOAR Social NetworkTill the ICO close

14dec(dec 14)00:0013apr(apr 13)23:59Fidelity HouseWhere Your Contents Become TokensTill the ICO close

15dec00:0015jan23:59Fan360One COmmunity All Stars All FansTill the ICO close